Sunday, 17 April 2011

My top eight...

1. Peonies, they are so classic, beautiful and special.

2. Ballet flats, Love them all year round. Always comforatble, always fashionable.

3. The Beatles, There music makes me feel at home. This is one this I can share with my father that makes me feel closer to him... xo

4. Lemon Tart, My favourite food of all time. I can never say no!

5. Chanel Nail Polish, Always has beautiful colours that are long lasting.

6. Homewears, What is there not to love. It makes your house a home, you create your own little santuary.

7. Travel, I love the excitment of getting on a plane and knowing you are going on a holiday.

8. Fire Places, Indoor and outdoor. Nothing better than sitting in front of a fireplace having a glass of wine on a winters night.

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